Last week, the WSJ wrote that Iron Monti had surrendered to the unions and to the political left, because in the bill dealing with the labor reform, was introduced at the request of the Democratic Party, the possibility of reinstatement of workers dismissed for false economic reasons. The decision for reinstatement or compensation shall be brought to court.

I quote here a part of the comment of the WSJ:
“It takes courage, not only politically, to challenge the unions,” he commented the Wall Street Journal as soon as it was presented the draft text of the labor reform. “The Italian law on the reintegration of Europe are more rigid and not allow a change of generation and flexible workers, but especially businesses are not put in a position to take because they are unable to dismiss.”

It is strange that a democratic and advanced society, which poses a horizon of development and progress generally, generates a system of laws to regulate industry is concerned about to dismiss before taking.
Probably the journalist who wrote the article is not aware of the Italian situation.  I am not speaking here of the financial situation of the Italian state which is in the public domain worldwide.
I mean the situation of the industrial system.
I mean the real economy that produces goods and services, durable and consumption. Of  the economy that produces real wealth for the country.
It is not true that young people have not had access to employment.Far from it !
For this reason many people aged 50 have been laid off, and many others have been encouraged to leave their jobs.
The young graduates who were hired with a contract to be renewed every 3 months, and without social security coverage, in most cases; with salaries of 600-800€ per month.
Moreover youth unemployment is at 30%
This means that 1.200.000 sacked, in addition to hundred of thousands of unemployed who are not statistic results, they are not replaced by young people.
From other statistic  show that about 6 milion people  living on the breadline.
Italian capitalism has given rise to a problem of survival.
If you see that:
– An economic system that does not grow for the past 15 years;
– Italian salaries are among the lowest in 20-30% of Europe with a social contribution system among the most expensive;
– we are a country where public and private invest too little in scientific research;
– Our system operates in a closed market to competition;
– Infrastructure is scarce and under monopoly;
– The real tax burden is now at 55% of income;
– A public debt that costs the taxpayer € 70 billion per year;
– A government that fails to pay € 70 billion of debt to firms;
– A health system that sees few near excellence, but in generally an unimaginable waste of resources;
– The judicial system is embedded in thousands of laws, corrected and revised, but never simplified;
– A civil trial lasts from 4 to 6 years, often blocking huge sums of money;
– A ruling class of old age and ideas, leaving no space for young people; (gerontocracy)
– An electoral system that elects representatives to the parliament, not by people but by the party leaders;
– Rampant corruption, which costs the taxpayer € 70 billion per year (Earls Court)
– A crime that is better organized now in Lombardy than Sicily and Calabria;
– An evasion and tax avoidance that the  optimist analysis estimate escapes the italian state € 120 billion per year;
What else can i to show you that no the problem is to  possibility to dismiss ?
We need a political class and capitalism not only chase the political consensus and quarterly financial statement of the result.
If the political and economic ruling class continues, this country is a country that has no future.
We need people who can inspire hope in return for sacrifices necessary to pay for the fault of inept leadership, not people who still believe in class struggle, as he believes our ruling class.
I apologize if my English is not correct, but if you speak only English rather than even Italian or  French, for me it is more difficult.
Thanks for your attention.